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Business – Hospitality Foundations Program (3+3)

What Is Business – Hospitality Foundations Program?


Business – Hospitality Foundations Program (3+3)

This program is for those who are looking for to acquire the English knowledge, skills and experience needed to enter the labour force in an English speaking country and get employed! It focuses on all general work place communications and skills with an added emphasis on the foundations of hospitality and customer service. Students will improve their English within practical and realistic work place contexts and apply what they have learned in co-op placement to practice the skills and have the opportunity for employment.

HOW to Process The Business Hospitality Foundations Program


This program is three months of in-class course work and classroom simulations broken into (3-4 ?) courses and followed by a three-month co-op placement.


  1. Each course will be specific in teaching workplace business communication skills, cultural awareness, or hospitality.
  2. Each course will have an mid-course assessments such as quizzes or midterms, a course assignment, and a final assessment.
  3. At the end of the three months of coursework, students will be given co-op placement for an additional three months to practice and apply what they have learned.
  4. Successful completion of the course will be granted course certificates from AHLEI and a Glenn College Business-Hospitality Foundations Certificate (must be complete the three month co-op placement)


Proof of English proficiency through one of the following :

  1. BC English 12 with a minimum C+ grade
  2. IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL band 46 - 59 or TOEC band 605 - 780
  3. Glenn College/ Global College English Proficiency Test with an 80% minimum.

Grading Policy


Students must complete the course with a minimum overall mark of 70% to have successfully completed the program.

Upon successful completion, students will a receive Letter of Acceptance (LOA), a reference letter, course certificates from AHLEI, and a Glenn College Business-Hospitality Foundations Certificate.

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