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[Business Translation (Advanced - ITT Level 1,2)] Regarded with Week 1 Homework


Name Jiyeon Lee Date23-05-23 07:21 View1,846 Comment2


Dear. Mason U.

Hello Mason, This is Jiyeon Lee. Hope you are doing well.

 Just to remind you, I will briefly explain the situation that I am in again.
I had an technical issue with uploading my week1 homework files last week as the web page progressed itself before my homework files fully got uploaded and now it says that my work is submitted. So I left an inquiry on this matter here on Q&A board and you advised me to contact my Korean agency and ask them to forward my homework to your e-mail, which I did as you asked me to on the day you gave me a reply.
However, today, I got a response from my agency that apprently, he/she is not aware of youre-mail address so I will have to ask you of your e-mail address myself and send the homework files. I mean, I utterly do not mind proceeding that myself, but I personally find it that it could have been better if my agent have told me this any ealier. So here I am asking for your e-mail address. I wish you could kindly let me send the homework files so I can sort this problem out.

I will look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards.

J. Y. Lee

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