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[Online TESOL] Regarding the final assignment.


Name jungmin choo Date23-12-23 10:53 View624 Comment1


Hello, sir.
This is jungmin choo who is one of the online students. :)

Finally, I left only the final exam and the final assignment!

For the final assignment, I have several questions.
I checked the reference and noticed that you wrote on the course outline,
but I'm still wondering if I need to make a lesson plan just for one day of class or a week's plan with various topics.
Based on the reference, I think I need to write down in more detail for just one day of class as much as I can.
Is it right?

And I failed to write down the whole lesson plan during the mid-term because of time lacking...
so is it okay for me to write down again on the final exam with the same topic if there are the same questions?

And I truly enjoyed your lectures and (joking). I appreciate your passionate teaching. :)

One more question! When we call teachers in English-speaking countries, which one is correct in a polite way?
Hello, Mr. Scafe, or Hello Allan, or Hello sir?

please reply me at your earliest convenient time.
Thank you and Merry Christmas! 

Warm regards,
jungmin choo 

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