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Hi Mr. Allan,

Can I ask you a favor? For the written portions, it was time-consuming. So, I could not fully write down what I wanted for the last one. Can you please take below answer for marking?

1. A summary of activities
  -Reading activity : Reading activity should be with understanding. For beginners, it is the best to start reading only after the students have some basic knowledge of English and can speak a bit. For advanced students, the activity should be authentic. The texts and tasks should be similar to ones that native speakers would encounter

  -Writing activity : Writing may be the least important skill. Writing can be used to enhance our students understanding of vocabulary and grammar through practice. There are 2 types of writing activities. One is controlled writing activity. The other one is free writing activity. We need to transition from the controlled writing activity to the free writing activity.

  -Speaking activity : Speaking is the most important skill out of the four language skills. For successful speaking activities. we need to make learners talks a lot. And participation is even. Motivation needs to be high. And language is at an acceptable level. It should be slightly easier than what is currently being practiced.

  -Listening activity : We want our listening activities as close to real-life listening situation as possible. To do so, we need to follow guidelines for listening texts and tasks. The listening texts should be spontaneous speech or genuinely improvised. The listening should be visible. Using RM is sometimes alright. To make it as real as possible, it needs to be single exposure. It could be a bit challenging for beginners but it is worth trying. Build up over time. When it comes to the listening task, we want to introduce the task and give them a task. The task gives our students a  purpose and motivation. The task should usually involve intermittent response.

2. Why it would be effective
-Reading activity : We can make our students improve their reading in a variety of ways such as skimming and scanning.

-Writing activity : Good way to get our students to learn different aspects of the language other than just writing itself. And good way to remind vocabulary and grammar that were recently taught.

-Speaking activity : The most active way to learn English. So students could get engage in the activity as long as we get in pairs or groups, base the activity on easier language, make a careful choice of topic and task, give clear instructions and training and keep monitoring our students speaking.

-Listening activity : We can making our students get used to the real-lift listening

3. How to present
  -Reading activity : I am gonna focus on ore helping our students to read and understand rather than focusing on having them read and decode. So when choosing texts, I am gonna consider the ones related to vocabulary I have taught recently with a few words that are a bit harder. And I am not going to stress them out by requiring them to understand every single word from the text as this is not helping improving them reading skill at all.
  -Writing activity : As writing activity is a good way for new language, I am going to get students to practice important language points or as a convenient way to test their knowledge. Sometimes, I am going to develop our students' writing skill with practicing specific written forms.

  -Speaking activity : I am gonna give the students as much time to speak. Every student is different. So I am gonna roughly balance the students speak time in the fairest way. And, I am not gonna challenge them by sophisticated topics. topics. Furthermore, I am going to give them clear mission as task-based speaking activities tend to be more successful.

  -Listening activity : I am going to give them chances with a practical and useful listening exercises that are closely related to real-life situations that people are having conversations with each other in a day. It could be small talk, how to raise our children, what to cook and something like that.

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