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Hello teacher Allan!
I finally received the final assignment score from you. thank you! :)

But I have some questions about the grading.. below is the guideline you are asking:
Q1. Your lesson plan should include the following:

- An aim, or aims
- New language that you will teach (new structures, and new vocabulary). There should be at least one structure and 5 new words – this is the minimum.
- It should be divided into at least 5 different stages. You should include an introduction, a presentation stage, a practice stage, and a production stage. You should also include one of the following stages: a listening stage, a reading stage, or a review stage. 
- You should write in detail how you would present vocabulary, and how you would present your structure table in the presentation stage. You should also write down in the practice stage, how you would get your students to practice.
- You should write down how you would use flash cards, worksheets, the blackboard, or any other teaching aid. 

You will be graded based on the following:
• How you organize the stages of the lesson -10 marks 
• How well your stages are detailed and explained - 15 marks
• Your use of English (spelling, grammar, use of vocabulary, etc.) - 5 marks

just wonder about the part of grading.. below is the part of your comment for my final assignment:
All in all I believe that your lesson plan deserves a score of 27.5 out of 30. I took 1.5 marks off for the amount of English mistakes that you made. I did not take off any marks due to any lack of detail. Lastly, I removed 1 more mark for not writing down how long each stage would take to complete. Overall, you have made quite an excellent lesson plan, and if you had just been a bit more careful, it would have been perfect! This is one of the best lesson plans that I have read in quite a while. You have definitely proven that not only did you learn a lot throughout the course, but you also know how to apply what you have learned. Very well done!

I wonder about time frame for each stage. Actually I was hesitating to put the time frame or not to, for each stage, but I was not sure about it, cause it was not clearly mentioned in the grading and guide line. And it is mostly mentioned " how you would present, how you get the students, how you would use...' in that way, but not how long. So I thought if I mentioned total hours just earlier on the first page would be fine.

And also you pointed out my grammar / English mistakes, I also wonder there were that many of them even my grading deducted almost 1.5 marks amount.... :-(
I am a little bit disappointed about my final score...
I know there will be no change or you may not consider to grade my final assignment again, but I just give it a try here to ask and want to hear your thoughts again about this. If it is not too much to ask you, kindly consider the evaluation for my final assignment and give me your thought. 
And if there will be no change on my score though, maybe I can kindly or carefully suggest that the grading guide line should be more clearer and the conditions you are asking for final assignment would be more in detail as well, at least you could mention about the time frame to write in each stage.

I hope you don't mind what I commented, and honestly I have no hard feelings on you!! Don't misunderstand me. haha.
anyway, look forward to hearing from you again!

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Allan Scafe님의 댓글

Allan Scafe 쪽지보내기 메일보내기 자기소개 아이디로 검색 전체게시물 Date

Hi again Eun Ji,

Don't worry, it is okay to ask me to clarify some things about your final assignment!

Anyhow, in regards to the point you made about writing down how long each stage should take to complete, I completely understand you.  While it is a minor point, I suppose it should be written down and part of the instructions.  However, after marking your final test, I believe I did leave a comment mentioning that you should write down exactly how long each stage would take to complete.  I don't think I can give an extra point to you, but this will have to be changed in the future and be included in the instructions.

Now, in regards to your use of English, while it was fairly good, I can be a tiny bit strict when reducing marks for one's use of English.  To be honest, I don't think I can change the mark now, because I no longer have access to your final assignment.  Sorry!

Anyhow, I suppose this might be kind of disappointing, but I hope not.  Your final assignment was really quite excellent, so I hope there are no hard feelings!

Anyhow, thank you for your kind words, and have a wonderful day!


EUNJI LEE 쪽지보내기 메일보내기 자기소개 아이디로 검색 전체게시물 댓글의 댓글 Date

Hello Teacher Allan!
Thank you for coming back with your another comment for me.
Yeah.. I wish I could receive better marks than you gave me, but I should be satisfied in this marks then!
It was really great course with you, and I am pleased to get to know you here on online, even though we haven't met face to face! 
I wish all the best for you and have a wonderful day ahead!

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