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Hi Allan,

Huge congrats on becoming a dad!!!
I hope everything is going well.

I have a few questions that I need more clarifications from the quizzes :

Module2 Lesson4: Presenting Vocabulary
Q. Providing students with a translation of a word is better than asking students to translate a word for us.
A. False

Can you please explain to me why asking students to translate a word for teachers can be better than providing students with a translation of a word?
To me, This doesn’t make sense as it’s about presenting new words that students may don’t know.

Lesson 10: Planning a lesson
Q. Lesson plans should include practicing as many skills as possible.
A. False

What do you mean by skills in this context? Do you mean it as in vocabulary, structure, or activity?

Lesson15: Teaching basic reading
Q. Providing students with material that may seem to be too hard for them is often a huge mistake.
A. False

I remember you’ve mentioned it during the video as you talk about the different styles of teaching reading. As kids are much more creative, imaginative, and better at problem-solving questions than the teachers may think, we shouldn’t be afraid to give questions that may seem hard to students. I need some more explanation on this.

Q. We should punish poorly behaved students as soon as we can after a class has finished.
A. False

Could you explain to me why this should be false?

It was real joy to journey through the TESOL with you!

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Hi Hyun Su Kim,

Thank you very much!  Now, let's take a look at those questions:

M2L4:  This is a tricky question.  The main reason why it is better is because when we ask students to translate, it is a great way to check for understanding.  If they can translate the word correctly, they understand the meaning, and we can move on.  Translating for students is sometimes okay, but should be done very rarely.  That is why the answer is false.

L10:  Ahh, in this case, skills just means the four main language skills (writing, reading, listening, and speaking).  The reason why we should not include so many is that we should really only focus on 1 or 2 in any given lesson.  More than that is excessive.

L15:  Basically you already know the answer.  We should not fear giving our students something that we may think it is a bit too tough for them to handle.  Of course it shouldn't be way too hard, but if it is just a bit above their level it will be challenging and hopefully stimulating. 

L15-2:  Ahh, this one is quite tricky.  The reason why the answer is false is because, " soon as we can after a class has finished".  If it did not include "after a class has finished" it would be true.  Instead, we should punish students as soon as we can, and not wait until the class has finished. 

Well, I hope that helps and thanks again!  Have a great day!

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