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[Online TESOL] Question regarding Module 2 short answer


Name Gyeongnam Min Date20-06-26 08:10 View689 Comment1


Good morning sir,

My name is Gyeongnam Min and I am currently taking your Online TESOL course.

While I was reviewing all the short answers that I have written so far, I found that I would need more explanation on the reason for deducting the score on question #9 of Module 2 Quiz.

According to your comment, the reason for taking 0.2points off is because I did not mention what I would do for the verb form of "Trip". However, I personally think that the instruction on the question was quite vague. Yes, I do understand that "trip" has both a noun and a verb form. Keeping this in mind, I clearly indicated that "I will make sure to let students know that we are going to practice using the word "trip" as a noun form." I did this in purpose as a part of my lesson plan and it was to prevent the confusion of its use as a noun or a verb.

If the question had directly asked me to mention my plan for both forms, I guarantee that I could have provided the explanations that you were looking for. However, It was just a "reminder" and I thought the question was asking me to mention how I am going to deal with it.

Could you please reconsider your grading on this question?

Thank you and I hope you are staying safe from the recent pandemic.


Gyeongnam MIn.

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