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I would like to check if this is right.
On module #3
Q8, After presenting a new word or vocabulary, we have to ask questions because we want to check if they understand it or not. The second answer is to use new structures and the third is by asking if we can know their information about the student such as their personalities or how they live, etc.

Module 3#,
I'm not sure about this part.
Can we right the answer like this?
I would use simple and clear way by using examples and explain in their own language to be clear. I can use examples on the board by
1) How many    cars    /    apples    /    pencils
2) How much    salt    /    milk    /    juice    /    sand

Number 1 is for countable nouns and number 2 is for uncountable nouns.

Module #4
Q9: We can help guide our students into a reading activity by giving out sentences and they have to guess if they are true or false. Another way is to give a summary of the text with blanks and they have to fill in the blanks by guessing. We can give students the topic of the text and let them write the things they know and do not know about the topic. If the text puts forward an opini0on students discuss the topic beforehand and cement their own views and they may debate on this.

I don't really know how to say about free practice and controlled practice :S Can I say that they are mechanical and meaningful structures?
There are topics that are useful to make a practice more free by using repetition drill which is to repeat after what the teacher is saying. Next is to use substitution. Next is to use single word prompt by changing the verb. Another one is to use pictures. Pictures are given out and they have to think what to say in full sentences. Another one is free substitution. This is to invent the sentce on their own.

This is embarrassing but please check my answers.

Thank your for your help :)

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Hi Eun Ji,

Wow, those are a lot of questions!  Let's take a look:

Module 3, Q8:  Good answer, but for the second part I would say that we ask questions to provide more examples of how the word is used, and lastly, we ask questions so that we can get to know students on a more personal level.

Module 3, Q9:  Yes, not bad, but you should explain that you would write that on the board, and explain the difference between countable and uncountable nouns.

Module 4, Q9:  This is a good answer, but you should explain that those ideas are "pre-reading" activities.  If you could think of one more example, that would also be great.

Module 4, Q10:  Yes, you could explain how controlled practice is more like mechanical practice, and that free practice is more like meaningful practice.  You could also provide some examples as to how they are different, maybe showing how a controlled activity, such as repetition, is quite different from a free practice activity, such as picture prompts, or free substitution. 

Well, I hope that helps, and never feel embarrassed to ask!  If you don't ask, you won't learn!  Good luck!

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