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[Online TESOL] Module 6 - No.10


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Dear teacher Allan.
Hello~ my name is Mi-Hyang Choi.
I really appreciate your lesson and detail caring.
Today I saw result of module 6 and then I felt something I need to explain about
problem No.10. I think that eliciting is a kind of way to lead to know specific
word. I think I tried eliciting to give hint and to be guessed even though it was
different way a little bit. like I gave a project like making mask. but I think I gave
hints throughout I let students make mask. of course I din’t say the word “mask” at frist at all.
I just tried that students get to know the word while making it. so I think it’s also eliciting. even though it is not only saying. I think I gave hint and I let students guess while making it. And I’m sure throughout this activity students can remember the word very well.
I think that eliciting’s purpose is that teacher makes  students have curious about the word.
I tried it. So if you don’t mind would you please think one more about my answer of problem No.10.
Thank you for reading this and hope you have a good day!

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Hi Mi Hyang Choi,

If I remember correctly I think you used the word in your questions and hints, which you should not do when eliciting.  However, I will think about your mark again.  Could you please re-post your actual answer so that I could take a closer again?


MI HYANG CHOI 쪽지보내기 메일보내기 자기소개 아이디로 검색 전체게시물 Date

Dear  teacher Allan, Hello~
Thank you for your replying.
I have wrote my answer again.
Please can you check it ?
Thank you teacher Allan : )

Module6 - No.10
Hey everyone as you know that Halloween day is going to come soon.
So now, we are going to make a special thing for Halloween day!
I will provide material for making mask. of course I don't say the word "mask"
And I let them guess what we are going to make.
Students can recognize what it is in their mind. but they don't know the word "mask".
And then I say You can put on it on your face for disguising to be other character.
I hope you have a nice Halloween day with this  which is made by yourself.

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