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Name Jeong Eun Kim Date17-08-21 08:02 View4,393 Comment2


Hi Alan.
Thanks for your videos! I'm definitely enjoying and learning a lot from them.

I have one question regarding Module 2 quiz, question #5.

Module 2) Question 5):
In Lesson 3-1, you've clearly mentioned that we must put important vocab in the margin, which means this must be done no matter what.
The question says "Important vocab should be written in the margins OR presented orally."
With the answer being True, you are saying the important vocab does not have to be written on the side of the board as long as it's presented orally..?
I think this answer goes against what you've said during Lesson 3-1, exercise 2. Also, I've went through the lectures again and cannot spot the moment where you mention about the necessity of "oral presentation" for important vocab.

Thank you for your time, and looking forward to your feedback.


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Hi Jong Eun Kim,

Since I only mark the written questions on the quizzes and tests I sometimes forget what the t/f and multiple choice questions are.  Anyhow, in regards to your question about module 2, question 5, I agree with you.  That question needs to be changed.

Instead of changing your mark, I will add an extra mark to your final assignment.  Thank you for informing me about this question, as I had no idea.  We'll get the question changed, and you'll get an extra mark on your final assignment.

Anyhow, thank you again for pointing that out, and I hope you enjoy the other videos as well!

Have a good day!

Jeong Eun Kim님의 댓글

Jeong Eun Kim 쪽지보내기 메일보내기 자기소개 아이디로 검색 전체게시물 댓글의 댓글 Date

Thank you very much for your prompt and kind reply!
Also, thank you for the extra points, really appreciate it.

Hope you have a good day too!


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