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[Business Interpretation (Advanced - ITT Level 1,2)] quick question on the expression "via"


Name Juyoung Lee Date22-07-05 06:57 View34 Comment2


Hello Mason, its Juyoung.

I have a small question on the usage of "via".

On Module 4 - K to E video 6, there's a sentence saying 어떤 사람들은 다단계 판매를 통해 문제의 해결책을 찾는다.
And for this, I translated into -> Some find a solution via network marketing.

The reason why I used the word via is because when I searched it's meaning online, ~통해서, 경유해서 was found.
However, after watching video 6, I thought this word could not be appropriate in this sentence.

It would be very helpful if you let me know if I can use the word via in this particular sentence or not.
Thank you in advance.

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Hello Juyoung!

Indeed, the word "via" means "by means of" (어떠어떠한 방법을 통해서). So, if your question is "Can I translate 'Some find a solution via network marketing' as '어떤 사람들은 다단계 판매를 통해 문제의 해결책을 찾는다?' then technically I think it should sound fine. If the question is asking whether I would, then probably not. I would simply use words like "from", "through", "with", "by doing", etc.

I hope this is clear!

Best regards,

Mason U, CMI-Korean
Business Interpretation and Translation in Korean (BIT-K) Instructor

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