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Hi, Allan! I finished Module 10 today and again I missed 1 question. I just want to hear explanations from you why I am wrong and still I got no answer from you about the question that I posted on 9. I would really appreciate if you answer me both questions in detail.

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Hi Hyong Woo Choi,

Sorry about not getting back to you about module 9;  I'll check back after this and take a look.

Anyhow, in regards to your question about this multiple choice question on the module 10 quiz, I really am baffled (confused).  I agree with your answer, because option #4 is the obvious, and best, choice.  There must be something wrong with the system.  From time to time old questions are recycled and replaced with new ones.  This must be a relatively new one, and it must have messed with the system. 

Anyways, I will have to alert our technical admin and get this changed.  It is "Family Day" here tomorrow  (Monday), so he might not answer immediately.  I'll alert him to this, get it changed, and we'll get your mark for this changed. 

Oh, by the way, can you remember what question this is (question #1, #2, etc?).  Sorry about that again, and I'll try to get this changed as soon as possible. 

Well, have a good week and I'll take a look back at your earlier question!


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Thank you for your answer! I can't understand what you are asking to me. Are you asking me about Module 10's first and second question? I'll let you know as soon as you answer.

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Hi Hyong Woo Choi,

I'm just asking about the question that you posted.  I know that it was a true or false question, but I don't know what exact number it is.  Is it question #1, #2, #3?  I just need to know so that I can contact the technical admin as soon as possible, otherwise I can check at work, but it is a holiday tomorrow, so I won't be able to check until Tuesday.

Anyhow, if you could get back to me again, that'd be great.  Sorry about the inconvenience, and thanks for the help!

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Hi again Hyong Woo Choi,

Sorry that it took me a while to respond to you about this issue.  Unfortunately, I made a mistake.  Initially, I agreed with you, without thinking about the question too deeply.  However, after someone else complained about the same question, I took a closer at the question and realized that you and I were both wrong.

The correct answer is actually option #2.  It is a trick question.  Let's look at it again:

All of the following are features of a listening comprehension test, except: 
2) Students should be able to refer back to the text.

The key part is "listening comprehension test".  option #2, students should be able to refer back to the text, is wrong.  We cannot refer back to the text, because we don't have the text, because it is not a reading comprehension.  Therefore, while option #4 also makes sense, option #2 makes more sense, since it is a listening comprehension test, not a reading comprehension test.  Option #2 does not belong, and thus it is the answer.

I hope that makes sense, and I apologize for taking so long to finally get back to this.  I guess I've just been too busy recently! 

Anyhow, on another note, I completed marking your final assignment this past Monday, and it was fantastic!  You did a really good job, and when you told me that you wrote a lot, you weren't kidding!  That was a lot to read, but it was great!  So, well done!

Good luck with the translation course, and feel free to respond if you have any further questions!

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