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What Is Interpretation And Translation?


This program does not require approval by Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training. As such, PTIB did not review this program.
When translating to and from another language, you must encompass two different skills - although separate, they are related in the same. One part of the process is fully understanding the meaning and intention of the text or speech of another language then conveying this in your native language. The other part is going from your native language and figuring out how you will convey this same meaning in another language. Simply put this is Interpretation and Translation, respectively.



This online course has several articles that encompass a variety of topics such as: entertainment, health, politics, business, and so on. Each is accompanied with its own vocabulary list. Instructors will guide you through fully understanding and defining the words and meaning of the articles. That way, a full interpretation of the article is done in order for an accurate translation into Korean. In addition, you will pick up tips and tricks on how to effectively translate English text so that it is natural in Korean.



This online course is broken into several sections such as: phrasal verbs, Korean to English, and Useful English. These components are, generally speaking, in Korean - and instructors will demonstrate how to accurately convey these Korean statements, expressions, and phrases into English, without losing the meaning of the initial statement in Korean. During this process, you will get to see where your common grammatical mistakes lie, learning new grammar points are clarifying existing ones. You will learn how to use English idioms effectively, and learn English idioms that are equivalent to existing Korean ones.

This course is meant for real life translation. Useful translation, one that you will use in an English environment, using everyday English and accomplishing everyday tasks. The main focus is on learning different phrases, words, grammatical structures in order to keep the meaning of the original text.

How To Process Online Business ITT Foundation (L3)


The purpose of the Interpretation and Translation course is to acquaint and familiarize with the skills, and abilities needed in order to effectively Interpret and Translate, and go back and forth from Korean to English, or English to Korean. Keeping up with phrasal verbs, idioms, or other ways to say things much more naturally and avoid the "dictionary", "direct", or nonsense translation.

The course is broken into 4 modules and each module has translation and interpretation homework. After submission, students should watch the videos for detailed explanations. After each module, there is a module quiz for both translation and interpretation sections. The final exam will be novel content for passage translations and will be accessible after completing the last module quiz. The final exam is a chance to apply what you have learned and challenge your skills.



1. Four modules with translation and interpretation homework
2. Each module will have a module quiz for translation and interpretation
3. There will be a final exam at the end of the program


4. An Email will be sent to confirm the results of your completed quiz or Test and assignment. Please Check your Email box regularly. You can also check your score online. ( my page Information)
5. This course is meant for those who lead busy lives, and therefore students may cover material whenever it is most convenient for them. However, it should be noted, that upon enrollment, students will have to complete everything Within 6 weeks of their enrollment date

Why Study Interpretation and Translation Online With Glenn College?

You will acquire the skills and abilities needed to correctly and effectively Interpret and Translate.
You will feel confident in your ability Interpret and Translate to and from English and Korean.
You will have the convenience of taking lessons and completing assignments at your own pleasure.
You will receive prompt feedback on your progress and certification upon successful completion of the course.

Admission Requirements


Native speakers of English : Completion of high school.

International Students : One of the following :

1. Pass Glenn College's Free Online English Test or

2. Completion of an oral exam conducted at GC itself with a score of at least 3.5 (out of 5) or above or

3. An IELTS score of at least 5.5 or

4. A TOEFL score of at least 30 or iBT score of at least 65 or above or

5. A TOEIC score of 600 or above

Grading Policy


The student must complete everything ( Modules, Quizzes, Homework and Final TEST ) Within 6 weeks of their enrollment day
There will be several factors that determine your final grade. Please note that a minimum score of at least 70% will be needed in order to pass. Grades will be earned on the following basis:

4 Quizzes 60%
4 Homework Assignments 30%
Final Exam 10%
= Total: 100%

Your final grade will be according to the percentage of total points that you earn based on the above criteria. Quizzes will be checked by teachers on a regular basis, and will be returned to you promptly.

Homework must be submitted in typed format for the translations and the interpretations to be submitted as a recording. These submissions are mandatory to be successful on the quizzes. The ITT Challenge Test (Final) will be accessible to you after you have completed the last module quizzes. The final test is a chance to apply what you have learned and challenge your ability for the ITT Advanced level (L1, L2).

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be granted an ITT Level 3 Certificate, a GC Business Interpretation and Translation Certificate, Letter of Acceptance (LOA) and an Official Transcript. This will be delivered to the students by mail.

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