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Name Kim Eun Ji Date15-07-22 11:55 View7,034 Comment3


Hello Mr. Allan,

I have done Q16 but I don't really understand 17 and 18.

From Q17, what kind of information is the question asking about...?

And from Q18, I have searched on other teacher's Q&A Post and there weren't any answer on it. So I'm going to ask you.

Below is Q18. I have copied and pasted it for you to see.

Q18. Create a short lesson plan detailing how you would teach a future lesson. Your lesson plan should include: An Aim(s), language that would be taught, and an introduction. You should also include at least four of the following stages: presentation, practice, reading, listening, and/or production.

Part 4: Choose one of the two

I don't understand the part 4: Choose one of the two... What do you mean choose one?

I hope you could answer me soon ;)

Many thanks :)

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