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Hi, I appreciate Mr.Masone's comments on my homework moduel first. But I'm a little confused about the words you mentioned.
Meet/project/cerebral hemorrhage/ portrait

Did I get the wrong pronunciation comments because it was really bad? or because it was not good enough/ sound like North American?

If it was truly wrong pronunciation or accent, I'm willing to take your advice and correct it.
But since I'm married to an SA guy, and I have lots of family in the UK, I am confused if it was incorrect or you thought I wasn't sound like you wanted to hear.

I would be glad to get your answer. Thank you.

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Hello Eun Young!

Thank you for your kind message and spending your time to ask what has been not clear to you. I went back to your assignmet to double check on each word that I bolded. I will add my explanation below:

1. meet

What I don’t hear from your pronunciation is the ‘long-E’ sound. This is a very common pronunciation issue where students do not clearly differentiate the long and short vowels. To make it even clearer, right now the way it sounds is “리퀘스투 밋”, instead try saying “리퀘스투 미잇”. See if you notice any differences!

2. project

The focus is how the ‘o’ sound is done on the “pro” part. Neither American or British English accentuates the “ro” part. If you are wanting to learn more about this, you can look up “schwa”.

3. Cerebral hemmorhage

The focus is on the ‘cere’ part of the “cerebral”. I personally do not think you will be misheard or mistaken with the way you said it in the recording, but I also believe if you listen to the proper pronunciation of the “cerebral”, you wiil clearly hear the difference.

4. Portrait

The ‘rait’ sound of the word isn’t pronounced as “레잇” in neither American or British once again. This brings back to a schwa if we dive really deep into the phonology but I am sure simply hearing it will give you an idea.

Here is my honest opinion and a clarification if I wasn’t clear enough in my feedback. Any pronunciation related issues are not within the scope of this course and it will not adversely affect your score unless it is severely unintelligible. The reason why I am providing you with this feedback is because I think many students want this feedback and there are not that many opportunities in your learning journey where you can be corrected by someone else.

That being said, although I would very much love to spend my time with every student to give my explanation like I just did, that simply isn’t feasible with my schedule. That is why I added the instructions in the comment that you should give it a listen to the proper pronunciation of the word using Naver, Google, YouTube, etc as these resources will be often much better and accurate than I ever can be.

I hope you understand that I will not be able to provide you detailed explanations like this for every single word that I point out, mainly because I really think a lot of them will be self-explanatory if you give yourself enough time and effort to hear the differences using the online resources I mentioned. If you still have questions after trying your absolute best to find out what the issue is, please feel free to bring it here and I will be more than happy to elaborate.

I hope this is clear!

Best regards,

Mason U, CMI-Korean
Business Interpretation and Translation in Korean (BIT-K) Instructor

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