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Name BO YOUNG LEE Date19-03-26 20:51 View4,914 Comment2


I have some questions so could you answer them for me?

1. Midterm_
Q6. Drawing two lines on the board to help explain the structure “not as ... as ...” is a good way to explain the meaning of the structure and a good way to keep everyone's attention.
--> I`d like to know the best way to explain the complicated structure and keep everyone`s attention.

Q9. "Free” practice activities should be conducted in a production stage.
Q14. When preparing a lesson plan for a class, explaining the meaning of vocabulary would be a _________ stage, doing a free practice activity would be done in a ___________ stage, and using a pre-reading activity would be in a __________ stage. 2
--> I'd like to know what are different between free substitution in a practice stage and free practice in a production stage.

Q10. When creating aims we should only focus on what students will do and learn.
--> I`d like to know what we should focus on when creating aims.

2. Module 7
Q7. Asking questions while reading a text to students is a good way to help students predict what will happen next in the text.
--> I think I watched the video that you say asking questions while reading a text to students makes them keep focusing on the text and predict what`s going on next, so I choose number 1. Could you explain it to me more ?

3. Module 8
Q6. Providing students with material that may seem to be too hard for them is often a huge mistake.
--> I think providing students with material that may seem to be too hard because they aren`t get used to it and they are so stressed with too difficult subjects or material. Could you explain it to me more?

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Hi Bo Young Lee,

I will try my best to briefly answer some of your questions as quickly as possible. 

In regards to Q6, the best way to present the structure would be visually.  Drawing an interesting picture on the board would be the best way to make the class interested.  Drawing lines, while not terrible, is quite boring, and would not keep everyone's attention.

In regards to Q9, this is true.  "Free" practice activities should be done in production stages.

In regards to Q14, free substitution is actually a production stage activity.  It is not a practice stage activity.

In regards to Q10, when creating aims we should focus on what students will learn, how, and why they should learn it (like how they can use what will be taught).

In regards to module 7, Q7, "prediction questions" do help students to focus, pay attention, and predict.  HOWEVER, they do not help students to accurately predict what will happen, because of course they do not know what will happen next in the story.  Just remember that "prediction questions" are mostly meant to keep your student's attention, make the story more interesting, and help them develop the ability to guess.  But, like I said before, they do not help students to actually guess what will happen next in the story.

In regards to module 8, Q6, providing students with something that might be a bit hard for them, or a bit higher than their level, can be a good, challenging activity.  We should keep in mind, especially with younger learners, they can often learn a lot faster than we think.

Well, I hope that helps, if not, please post again, and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible!

Have a wonderful day!

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