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I heard (cleary saw 'noise' you've written on the board) that Noise  is one of the problems associated with pairwork & groupwork activities..... Would you please check on my answer of Q. No. 4 in Module 1 again, please?

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i am not Allan, but i can explain this for you. "Noise" in the class could be one of the problems.
However, students make some noise In ENGLISH.
so it could be " good noise"  ( Actually, Allan referred to this in the lesson something like that)

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Hi there So-Jin and Hee Jung,

Thanks for answering that question So-Jin!  "Noise" could be a problem, but it actually really isn't, because as long as the students are speaking English to each other, we should be happy. 

Oh, I'm sorry about responding so late to your question!  I'll try to make sure that I check the Q&A more frequently from now on.  Anyhow, thanks again So-Jin, and I wish you both the best of luck!


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