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Name Heeyeong Hwang Date17-04-18 18:28 View4,441 Comment2


Hello, Allan.
I have a question for the comment that you said in Module 3 test. Specifically No.9.
I wrote the answer as below.

9 Imagine you are going to present the structure “how many/how much” in class. How would you explain the difference between when to use ‘how much’ and when to use ‘how many’? 0.60 / 0.70
Student's answer
If I have to use “how many”, I will give the example “How many people are there?” and explain that it could be used when I can count something. More easily, I will teach students that “How many~?” could be used with –s, -es (plural) like apples, bananas and pigs. However, in the case of “how much”, I will teach students that it could be related to something uncountable like money or butter. After teaching this difference, then, I will give other examples for students’ understanding, giving examples like “egg, water, bag, sugar”

And your comment was like below.

Teacher's comment
Good, but at some point you should have mentioned the difference between 'countable' and 'uncountable' nouns.

Since I tried to focus on saying the difference between 'countable' and 'uncountable' nouns, I have a question. For me, at the first line, "When I can count something' is related to countable nouns and "something uncountable" uncountable. And also, when it comes to countable ones, I just wrote some examples like apples, bananas and so one, as it was written. Furthermore, in terms of uncountable ones, some examples like money or butter was written. For these reasons, I thought that I wrote the difference between countable and uncountable nouns. But from your opinion, is it not the difference? Should I have written more specifically? I was just curious about your comment, and want to know specifically why you wrote like that in your comment, so that I can develop my writing skills more. Please answer my question and thank you for your teaching :)

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Hi Hee Yeong Hwang,

Hmm, it appears that I may have made an error when marking your quiz.  I guess I was too hasty when marking, and now that you mention it, your answer does make sense. 

You are right to have brought this to my attention.  I will have to get our admin to reset your mark, so that I can mark it again. 

Thank you for bringing this to my attention and I apologize for what appears to be my mistake!  Sorry about the inconvenience, and you should receive a new mark for this question within the next 24 hours!

Have a good day!

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