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[Online TESOL] Please comment me about the question of Module 6


Name Hyun A Choi Date17-04-19 20:32 View4,448 Comment3


Hi, sir. These days, I am very happy to learn TESOL with you. Thank you for good lecture.
I finished the test Module 6 and waiting for the result.
There was a question I couldn't understand. Q: Questions designed to make students use their imaginations are good because:
The correct answer is 3) They stimulate the students' vivid imaginations and encourage discussion.
I've learned the main reason why teachers use imagination in class is to generate fun conversation but not to discuss something for nicer result.
Please give me comment why. And also, why is the choice number 2) not the correct answer?
I chose the choice number 2 for the correct answer.
God bless you!

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Allan Scafe님의 댓글

Allan Scafe 쪽지보내기 메일보내기 자기소개 아이디로 검색 전체게시물 Date

Hi Hyun A Choi,

Well, to be honest I cannot remember what the answer #2, but unfortunately answer #3 is the correct answer because 'questions that get students to use their imaginations' do get students to use their imaginations and they do encourage discussion.  You are also right, in that they do generally generate a fun conversation, but their main purpose is to get students to use their imaginations.

That being said, can you remember what the 2nd answer was?

Hyun A Choi님의 댓글

Hyun A Choi 쪽지보내기 메일보내기 자기소개 아이디로 검색 전체게시물 댓글의 댓글 Date

Hi, Allan teacher.
Thank you for your comments. The number 2 is They encourage students to think outside the box. I took a lot of time to choose the #2 as the answer choice. Actually, I agreed the first part of #3 ; They stimulate the student's vivid imaginations. But I can't understand the rear part ; encourage discussion. Why is discussion? It just means conversation? The word 'discussion' made me confused and directed me wrong answer.

Allan Scafe님의 댓글

Allan Scafe 쪽지보내기 메일보내기 자기소개 아이디로 검색 전체게시물 Date

Hi again Hyun A Choi,

Yeah, "discussion" can have basically the same meaning as "conversation".  Option #2 is also true, but option #3 is still the best choice overall.

Have a nice day!

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