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[Business Translation (Advanced - ITT Level 1,2)] About grading homework for the interpretation course


Name Park Jun ki Date22-04-14 23:46 View154 Comment1


From last saturday until now I submitted the homework for interpretation course to Module1,2, but I didn't get a score except for one.

So It's almost been six days since I submitted my first Homework but I just finished Module2, so now it is time to take the midterm exam, but I think I need to get my Homework score which I have submitted so far to know if i am doing well in the interpretation course.

So please let me know when I can get my homework grade for the interpretation course.

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Mason 님의 댓글

Mason 쪽지보내기 메일보내기 자기소개 아이디로 검색 전체게시물 Date

Hello Jun Ki,

Thank you for bringing up your concern! There has been a huge influx of new students recently so all markings are being delayed more than usual. Your assignments will be graded by me over the weekend. I apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience!

Kind regards,

Mason U, CMI-Korean
Business Interpretation and Translation in Korean (BIT-K) Instructor

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