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Professor Allan,

hello, I'm min. I have few questions about the answer for the quiz.
For the question which requires to not choose downsides of group/pair work, I chose 'some student could goof off'.
I can clearly tell that is also a problem that can be caused by doing group/pair work, but three problems you mentioned in the video were noise, students making more mistakes and being not able to control the class.
So I chose the 'goof off' choice. I think you also mentioned students being troublesome and joking around as a problem associated with not being able to control the class. My point is that all the four choices were problems caused by doing a group/pair work so how could I choose correct answer for the question?
Later, when you were talking about how to minimize those problems, you said noise is not big of a deal but you still put it under 'problem' section. From what I've understood, it is a problem but as long as they speak in English, you don't have to worry about it. Namely, it still is a problem. And if the students were talking in Korean and making noise, that would definitely be a problem.

And for question number 2, you said students can do their patter practice in pair/group work. Therefore, I chose 'short writing' as an answer since you didn't mention that in the video.

I am wondering may be you can take my answers as correct.

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